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Shen Yun 2020
Shen Yun
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Adding Eyes to the Dragon
Adding Eyes
to the Dragon
The story of a legendary painter who inspired the idiom, “Paint the dragon, dot the eyes.”
Symphony Tour
Symphony Tour:
Behind the Scenes
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra’s international tour concludes, but not before one more glimpse back-stage.
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Podcast: Poets of the Orchid Pavilion
How an ancient drinking game led to one of the greatest masterpieces of Chinese literature.
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Blog: A Dancer
Cannot Hide
Shen Yun dancer David Xiao recounts a humorous moment that led to a profound insight.
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  At the Lake Pavilion  
  At the Lake Pavilion
Coming Up:
  Hear from our up-and-coming artists and see how a brand-new Shen Yun performance comes together.